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Student Placement
21 May 2017

The Tolbooth museum has been fortunate to gain a student placement this year. Amanda is studying for a museum based degree at Aberdeen University and is spending a considerable part of her summer break working at the Tolbooth. Amanda's first project has been to review our asset register and bring it up to date. Not an easy task ! Once this project is completed we hope that Amanda will have sufficient time left to provide advice on the best way to display some of our artefacts, work on a corporate image and generally offer professional opinions on making the museum even more visitor friendly.

If you see a very ernest young lady moving around the museum clutching a laptop say 'Hello Amanda'. She loves to interact with our visitors.

2016 Footfall
14 January 2017

Aberdeenshire Council has just released the annual footfall figures for those attractions operating under the umbrella of their Museum Services. It is very pleasing to report that for the third year running the Tolbooth is the top destination for visitors as measured by numbers entering the attractions. The Tolbooth museum entertained 22,574 visitors with the runner up (The Farming Museum) reaching 15,074. It was not exactly a level playing field last year as the Farming Museum was closed between March and May for refurbishment. However, the Tolbooth is still going forward as it was the only attraction to show an increase in numbers over 2015; all other attractions had a slight decrease.

In addition Stonehaven Tolbooth Association operates the Clock Tower on behalf of Aberdeenshire Council and this recorded an additional footfall of 6,654. Obviously Stonehaven is the destination for culture and heritage.

We have also just received from Trip Advisor a Certificate of Excellence for 2016.

Grateful thanks to all our volunteers for their sterling work during the past year.

If you haven't visited as yet come along and view what so many people are experiencing.

2015 Footfall
31 January 2016

Aberdeenshire Council have just released the visitors numbers for the seven visitor attractions that operate under their 'umbrella'. We are pleased to report that for the second year running the Tolbooth museum is the most popular attraction when measured by footfall. Offiicial records show that 22,159 visitors came to the museum in 2015. We were pushed hard by the Farming museum at Aden Park but not hard enough to knock us of the top spot. On top of this achievement an additional 6,500 people visited the newly re-furbished Clock Tower which is also operated by the Stonehaven Tolbooth Association. This is a tremondous achievement by the community group of volunteers and our thanks go to them and all the visitors that have enjoyed the the museum and Clock Tower in the last 12 months.

Stonehaven Folk Festival 2015
15 July 2015

The Tolbooth museum was delighted to co-operate with the organisers of the Stonehaven Folk Festival and hosted 2 events for the festival. Four sessions of Story Telling by Maggie Fraser were held over Saturday and Sunday whilst on the Saturday the local Fatherland Burns Club staged two enactments by local children of the traditional Burns Supper. The latter was a first for the Folk Festival, the Burns Club and for the museum and was highly successful. Well done to all concerned.

The image below shows Lewis Watson of Mill O' Forest primary school addressing the haggis before a very attentive audience in the museum's auditorium.


burns supper 20150714 2006401918

Image courtesy P Copner

Additions to Fishing Display
13 July 2015

Continuing our policy of refreshing/improving our current displays we are pleased to report that the fishing section in the museum has been augmented with the purchase of navigational equipment that was in extensive use prior to the introduction of the satellite GPS sysytem. We have acquired a Decca Navigator Mk 21 display unit from a source in the south of England. The Decca system was developed during WW2 and became, along with LORAN, the primary navigational tool for fishermen in the North Sea and the west of Scotland. Visitors can view the unit and relate to wrecks marked on an adjacent chart. Ian Balgowan, a local fisherman and Trustee, is delighted with the purchase as it brings back many happy memories. We have also obtained a Simrad Fish Finder and a compass that was lit by a spirit lamp. Just some of the items that illustrate life not so long ago.

All are welcome for a 'browse'.