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Virtual Tours at the museum
17 May 2015

We recently had a visit from Darren Wright who specialises in creating virtual tours of various local buildings and the results of his efforts can be seen on our Virtual Tour page. Have a look to discover what the museum can offer and then pay us a visit to see the artefacts in greater detail.

We are grateful to Darren for his photographic skills and permission to show the images.

Summer season & Clock Tower
03 April 2015

After what seems a long winter we have moved into spring and although the weather has not greatly improved yet the museum is now operating to our summer schedule - open Wednesday to Monday (closed Tuesdays) from 1330 to 1630 hrs. As usual improvements have been made by our team of volunteers over the winter; these include the acquistion of some 19th century display cabinents and a bigger collection of model ships. Of particular interest may be the personal memories of Dunnottar primary school as documented in a series of jottings from 1955 onwards. Fascinating reading for ex pupils and their families.

We are also happy to announce that we have been chosen by Aberdeenshire Council to operate the newly re-furbished Clock Tower. This will be open on the same days and times as the museum - come and see the new look. A huge change from its previous state and now preserved for a few more generations.

As ever we are always looking for new volunteers - pop into the museum and meet the friendly crowd that are working for the community. Please come and join us.


AfterDark Paranormal Returns
09 September 2014

Once again we have had pleasure in hosting AfterDark Paranormal Investigations for another night at the Tolbooth museum. As you will see from the attached report the company had an excellent night and appeared to have enjoyed themselves immensely. The museum was only too pleased to aid them in their investigations.

Download this file (AfterDark_2014.pdf)AfterDark_2014.pdf47 kB

Stonehaven Folk Festival
14 July 2014

The annual Stonehaven Folk Festival was held between 10th and 13th July. The whole town was buzzing with official and unofficial events in a number of venues and visitors had a great time. The Tolbooth museum has a commitment to make its premises a hub for the local community and in order to practice what we preach we opened our doors to impromptu music sessions on the Saturday and Sunday. This was a very succesful venture, partly due to the uniqueness of the museum; the favourite 'stage' was inside our prison cell. Over 500 visitors came through our doors during the Festival and was an excellent example of merging different cultural streams. We look forward to even better collaboration with the Festival next year. The image shown is that of Ron Gardiner singing from the cell - no he was not singing 'Please Release Me'.


Folk Singer Jail

On the Rocks
16 June 2014

Dunnottar Primary school are running a project for P5 and 6 about the geology of Stonehaven. The museum was delighted when we were approached by Christina Wells, a teacher at Dunnottar, enquiring whether we could help out with this project. One of our main displays highlights the complex and fascinating geological structures in Stonehaven bay. With the help of Peter Craig who has published works on the stones found on Stonehaven beach a mini field study was quickly put together. 36 pupils arrived at the museum on Monday 16th June and they spent half of their time in museum where George Strang and Jim Bruce explained the artefacts on display and then the rest of the time was spent on the beach where Peter pointed out the different stones to be found and encouraged the pupils to act as amateur geologists by using coloured identity cards. We hope the pupils enjoyed themselves and learnt something new. We are always priviliged when we can help out local schools.

Letters from the children can be viewed in the attached pdf file.

Geology 1Geology 2

Download this file (Dunnottar_Letters_June_2014.pdf)Dunnottar_Letters_June_2014.pdf3101 kB