Fetteresso Head A local resident was creating a flower bed at Fetteresso Castle when his spade struck a hard object. Careful digging yielded a carved stone head. This has now been examined by a series of experts in the UK and their findings are confusing and contradictory. One thought that it belonged to the 5th/6th century; a second opinion placed it as a carving made in the 12th century.

However, the Treasure Trove Unit at the National Museum of Scotland are of the opinion that it was probably 'knocked out' by a bored stone mason in his lunch break at some time in the last century. Whatever its antecedents it has now been donated to the Tolbooth Museum by the Stonehaven Rotary Club acting on behalf of the original finder. No one can accuse the stone head as being one of great beauty and the carving is crude rather than delicate but it is certainly very interesting and the museum is grateful to the anonymous donor.

Come along and see it for youself; perhaps you can hazard a guess at when it was created. Perhaps it is a likeness of a distant ancestor ! All theories welcome.