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We now live in a society which is gradually moving away from cash and adopting the use of 'plastic'. On the one hand this can be considered a good move as there is less weight to carry around in either the purse or pocket and it is far more convenient for the majority of individuals. However, there is another side to the argument; charities like ourselves rely heavily on cash donations from our visitors. Less cash being carry around means that eventually cash donations will decline with an obvious impact on our future finances. The museum has been very conscious about the move to 'plastic' and over the last 18 months has being investigating how to modernise the giving of donations. The solution is to also go 'plastic' but there are considerable start up and maintenance costs in obtaining and using card readers. At the same time companies working in the background to process payments also require their 'cut'. We have now identified a company that specialises in digital donations for charities at a reasonable price and we have linked up with them for a trial period.

Visitors to the museum can now make digital donations in multilpies of £1 (up to a limit of £30) using a contactless card reader. The value of the donation is entirely up to the individual. Of course, we still have the cash donation system which we hope will be in use for many years to come. Hopefully this embracing of the digital age will help to protect our finances.

We should stress that we do not charge an entrance fee for the museum and donations are entirely voluntary. Everyone is welcome whether they make a donation or not.

Alternatively, you can send a donation online via paypal, Make a Donation

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Stonehaven Tolbooth
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