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Stonehaven Tolbooth
In March 2011 Aberdeenshire Council decided that they could no longer afford to run the museum situated in Stonehaven's Tolbooth building; accordingly it was closed. A group of local volunteers disagreed with this decision and re-opened the museum in May of the same year as a community effort. Over the last 13 years the museum has gone from strength strength and is now one of the main tourist attractions in Stonehaven. Unfortunately the Council has always been a little hesitant about the...

Scottish Fossil CollectionMuseum Galleries Scotland (MGS) has been collating information about the various fossils located in Scottish museums and they have just produced a comprehensive report which provides some online detail for those interested. The report is some 50 pages long but below is a link to cutdown version which documents the museum collections in the North East which, of course, includes the Tolbooth museum as we have fossils as part of our geological exhibition. All 11 of our fossils are on display and...

With a general easing of the covid-19 restrictions we are delighted to announce that the Tolbooth museum will re-open on Saturday 1st May. Initially we will only be open at the weekends but we hope to progress to our normal six days a week as soon as possible.During the lock down we have altered some of our displays and in particular we have a re-vamped section of historical photogrpahs of old Stonehaven. We also have new displays about Capt. Barclay and the Open Air Pool. The rest of the...

Tolbooth TimesKeep up to date with news and events with our Tolbooth Times Magazine. The Tolbooth Times, is a quarterly magazine written by volunteers, and contains local news and events relating to the Tolbooth Museum and the newly refurbished Clock Tower.Each new release, will be posted in our About us section, under Tolbooth Magazine as a PDF attachment and can be downloaded or viewed anytime.If you have any news articles relating to the Tolbooth or any photos...

Shops webThe front and back cover of Donald Mitchell's book - Stonehaven Shops 1960 – 2020 Book - carried a sketch of the Market Square. Many individuals have admired the sketch and asked if they can purchase a copy. Unfortunately the museum will not be selling this item. However, the artist is Frank Robertson and he has a selection of sketches of local landmarks and he is happy to discuss his art and sell sketches privately. He has a variety of sketches in different sizes, both framed and...

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